Dominica continues to make progress on the renewable energy front

November 12 2021 -

Dominica’s Geothermal Project is gaining momentum.

That’s according to Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit who also says the government can see a clear path to completion of this very important component of the country’s development.

A contract is also expected to be awarded to a drilling contractor in the coming weeks.

“Fellow Dominicans, we continue to make progress on the renewable energy front, cognisant that the energy sector is an active base for building resilience in all other sectors,” the Prime Minister stated.

He added further, “We have a national target for power generation of 100% clean, carbon-neutral energy by the year 2030, from domestic renewable energy resources.”

Part of that responsibility, Skerrit said, is the promotion and encouragement of greater efficient use of energy and energy services by all consumers in the domestic, commercial, and public sectors.

“We have recently endorsed an Energy Management Guide, developed with the support of the Clinton Foundation which is now in wide circulation,” he said.

He explained that “the Geothermal project is gaining momentum and we see a clear path to completion of this very important component of our country’s development.”

“Civil works in preparation for drilling are underway,” Skerrit informed. Adding, “a drilling contractor has been selected and a contract will be awarded in the coming weeks.”

The Prime Minister said the geothermal development project requires long-term vision and investment from the Government of Dominica, and “we are very encouraged by the progress”.

He said the government is indeed very grateful for the extensive support and cooperation received from the residents of Laudat, and all the partners who have contributed funding and technical support.