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Aims & Objectives of the Dominica Oversea Nationals Association

The aims and objectives of DONA are as follows:

  • To carry on the business of an association concerned with all aspects of the development and welfare of Dominican Nationals in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth of Dominica, West Indies

  • To establish a Charitable Trust in order to offer assistance to Dominicans in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth of Dominica, West Indies.

  • In compliance with DONA’s aims and objectives, DONA will pursue the following functions:

  • To actively seek to unify Dominicans globally – the "Triangle Connection"

  • To actively seek to relieve and prevent poverty

  • To actively seek in improving communications amongst Dominican Nationals

  • To disseminate and impart information via a journal/newsletter or any other medium together with facilitating and promoting the idea of fund raising events and other charitable and benevolent activities that DONA considers necessary to further its cause

  • To actively encourage Dominicans in the United Kingdom to follow routes of education, training and research in specific areas of study/expertise; and broader education in the development of individual capabilities, competencies, skills and undertakings.

  • To establish branches of the association DONA in other areas of the United Kingdom

  • To promote an understanding between Dominican Nationals, other persons, corporations or unincorporated associations with a view to cooperate whenever possible

  • To seek affiliation on an international level with other Dominican Associations with a view to promoting and protecting Dominica’s interests at an international level

  • To affiliate with the West Indian Standing Conference (WISC) in so far as working together to create a united and stronger West Indian community in the United Kingdom

  • To actively seek to acquire either a freehold or leasehold property in the United Kingdom whereby DONA can run its affairs as a charitable organisation.

Each year DONA organises a programme of social and fund raising activities. DONA’s Executive Committee meets monthly, with general meetings being held on a bi-monthly basis.

DONA produces a regular, quarterly Newsletter “The Sisserou Voice” ‘which contains short articles written by members and friends, a kids’ page, news from Dominica, and news pertaining to the Caribbean community in the United Kingdom generally. It is this medium that has certainly kept members of our community together socially and which has only been achieved by the association’s only source of income – fundraising!

DONA is also privileged to have a vibrant Quadrille Dance Group who regularly receive bookings to perform locally and in many parts of the United Kingdom.

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