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Executive Officers




Names of the Executive Committee who were elected at the AGM and biennial nomination and election of officers meeting in April 2022

Shirley Stuart 
I am pleased to take up the post of the chairperson . I have a wealth of management experience  
spanning over 20 years where I managed, developed, rescued and created numerous projects in the
caring profession . I have managed Families Centres, Young offenders Projects, I am the Funder of CHANCES a  place of safety for children in Dominica, the list goes on. My Pledge is to use these experiences to help in  continuing to assist and improve the wonderful work that this Association has done over the years to improve the the lives of Dominicans , our members and their friends.


Dr Sylvia Smith, SWE Registered, MBASW
I have been a member of D.O.N.A for many years and feel happy to say I have enjoyed executive committee roles at different points of the association's life. As Deputy Chairperson of the Association and member on the Board of Trustees, I am proud of the charitable work undertaken by this organization both in the UK and Dominica. I would like to see an increase in membership and more active involvement. We have seen the power and immense value of voluntary contributions at times of trauma and distress. Let us continue to strengthen our organisation's and carry on the good work.

Deputy Chairperson

Mrs Ethelca Brand, OBE, MBE, MSA

Inspired by my diseased brother Shand Sylvester, I joined DONA in 1979, the very year that Hurricane Dominica devastated Dominica. I think this disaster crystalised my decision in joining as well as the need for the Island association in the UK, and have not wavered since. 
I have held several positions on the Executive Committee, including the Chairperson for over twenty years. Our contribution to Dominica is there to be seen. There has been leaps and umps along the way but have successfully celebrated DONA's 40th Anniversary in 2018. To continue in that spirit and for further growth, I am calling all Dominicans who have that sense of belonging to their country to join DONA and help us to assist in the further development of Dominica. "Together we are stronger"

Non-Portfolio Officer/Finance Advisor

Ms Hilma Alfred

I was introduced to DONA on my arrival in the UK in 1988 at the age of 16 and became a member at 18 years. Since then I have held several positions at the executive level, including my current role as the Membership Officer.
It has been a learning journey which I have enjoyed. The association has undertaken a lot of charitable work for Dominicans on the Island following many natural disasters. DONA has also helped and supported nationals in the UK too.
I am also the manager and member of the Quadrille Dance Group, I joined at the age of 19 years and I was the youngest at the time. I love being apart of the group and keeping Dominican culture in the UK. There are no age barriers to becoming an active member of our association. I would love to see DONA carry on for another 40 years, so please join us.


Mr Reginald A Hector (Eng.Tech MIET)

I have been a member of DONA over several years and have been privileged to see the association develop into the household name it is today. The Association's Philanthropical work is well documented in the UK and in the Commonwealth of Dominica, and in times of natural disasters we are always at the forefront in assisting when and where necessary.
Over the years DONA and its Charitable trust has assisted and encouraged development of Dominica nationals and we continue to assist various groups in the UK and in Dominica. We welcome everyone to participate for the continued developments of the Association.

Public Relations Officer / Newsletter Editor

Mrs Elenora Royer-Desbonne

Welfare & Social Secretary

Linda Soudine

Membership officer

Member of the Board of Trustees

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